About Ema

Ema has always been a creative, "seize the day" kind of person. Aged 6, she inadvertently caused a mass disobedience at her infant school, one morning: her entire class refused to go inside when the whistle blew for class, and they wouldn't move from the playground until the Head (the Principal) came out to negotiate! (Long story. Roland Rat might have been involved... I'm not saying any more than that!)

Ema is also super-geeky! When she is interested in something (there are many things which fall into this category), she will learn all she can about it. Eastern thought and holistic therapies are two of her interests which (perhaps unusually) began before she reached her teens. So when you combine that passion for learning with a knack for making things happen (she s actually a former Project Manager in the Public Sector), and a huge drive to help people (of all species) and promote wellbeing/self development, it's hardly any wonder that Ema integrates all these things in her work! Making connections between different groups of people, areas of learning and ideas which wouldn't normally come into contact, a flair for inclusivity and empowerment, and creative solutions, make Ema's therapy practice "Holistic" in more senses than the therapies alone.

With a passion for doing the best she can for the people in her life (including her clients), you can be assured that Ema will bring together different threads of her knowledge, expertise and practical know-how, to create an individual treatment plan for you or your companion animal, tailored to your needs and goals.

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Reiki is a natural healing energy. It works holistically, so its benefits can be physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual. 
The word "Reiki" means "Universal Energy", and the practice of Reiki was developed by Mikao Usui, early in the 20th century, in Japan. Eastern medicine has recognised and worked with this energy, which flows through everything. It is traditionally known as "ki" in Japan "qi" in China, and "prana" in India.



Reiki may be used alongside conventional healthcare, but you should always consult a GP about acute or infectious conditions, and in problems of an urgent nature. Reiki can expand and enhance the treatment options available when used in conjunction with orthodox healthcare, but it is absolutely not an alternative to going to see your GP.


Reiki can help encourage a feeling of relaxation, and a sense of deep calm. It can help promote balance to our mind and emotions, which in turn can have positive physical effects on any stress-related symptoms. 

Reiki supports positive, healthier personal choices, such as improving diet, exercise, and devoting more time to self-care. Reiki helps people to feel greater harmony and emotional resilience, and regular Reiki treatments can help us respond more calmly to challenges.

Reiki is a gentle energy, which is easily adapted to most medical conditions, and can be received safely by people of all ages, including newborn babies, pregnant mothers, surgical patients, those who are frail, and elderly people.


Reiki treatments will work just the same, no matter what beliefs you do or don't hold. Reiki is successfully used by, and practised by people from all kinds of backgrounds, belief systems and philosophies.


Going into your treatment with an open mind, being as relaxed as possible, and with the attitude of being willing to receive the Reiki energy is helpful - but that's all. Many people are not sure what to expect (if indeed anything), and the experience of receiving a treatment depends on the individual. Whatever you experience will be what's right for you. The Reiki energy will still flow, and it's up to you to evaluate what changes/benefits you have experienced, after your treatment (whether a full session or a taster).

Covid-19 Measures

As we're now carefully transitioning into a more relaxed "new normal" in the UK, here's how I've adapted my practice for face to face treatments:

1. I'll still be cleaning/sanitising regularly used surfaces (including chairs), between each and every appointment.

2. I'll still be opening the window, to keep the treatment space ventilated.

3. I'll still be wearing a mask, for my clients' protection.

4. I'll still have a QR code on the door, in case you want to check into the NHS Covid app; and keeping client records for at least 21 days, to help the NHS keep on top of Covid cases.

5. You can choose to wear a mask if you wish. If you choose not to wear a mask for your treatment, I may adapt how I give the treatment by wearing gloves, wearing a visor or giving a hands-off treatment (for Reiki).

6. I'll still be encouraging the use of PayPal or Square for contactless payments.

7. My pre and post-treatment consultations will take place during the appointment, unless you would prefer a video/audio call beforehand/afterwards.

8. I'll be offering you a disposable cup of water after your treatment.