Covid-19 Safety Measures - 31.12.2020 update

IWhilst Warrington is in Tier 4, I've had to close my treatment space for a second time.


However, my current full safety measures are provided below, for your reference. These will be re-introduced again, once I can re-open my physical treatment space.


These measures adhere to the Government's latest advice, guidance from the Health and Safety Executive, and from the the UK Reiki Federation. My complete Covid-safe measures is below, in PDF format, available to download.

Here's an overview of the basics: 

  • I will use a visor AND mask, and will ask all in-person clients to wear a face covering whilst on the premises. I will be happy to offer any clients who are unable to wear a face covering, a remote treatment instead.

  • I have a cleaning/sanitization plan in place, and all commonly touched surfaces and client furniture/chairs will be thoroughly cleaned between each appointment, and disposable coverings also used, where appropriate.

  • My clients will not have to touch any doors, door handles, or other often-touched surface, and they will be offered hand sanitizer upon arrival and on departure.

  • A freshly cleaned and sanitised box will be kept by the entrance of the treatment space for clients' belongings, and a separate box for outdoor shoes. Single-use foot coverings will be offered upon arrival.

  • Pre-treatment consultation and post-treatment feedback sessions will be via phone or video call.

  • Clients are asked to pay for treatments by PayPal if possible. I can take cash payment in an envelope provided.

  • If you develop symptoms within a week of your treatment, please

    • self-isolate straight away, and

    • let me know as soon as possible, so that I can notify the authorities, and take any other necessary measures.

Thank you for your understanding.


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