Hello again - great to see you! Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa and a biccie, and let's catch up :-)

It feels like the right time to recap what's been happening over this last year of blog-radio-silence. Since I last wrote here, it has been big, challenging, and mind-bending time for many of us. Although I've not had the bandwidth to continue blogging for the last year or so, I've definitely not been staying still! Learning, business-building, volunteering, potato-growing, healing and surviving have been mainly what it's been about for me.

So here are the headlines:

  • I've trained in, and am qualified (and experienced, thanks to the lovely RSPCA for letting me volunteer with their shelter residents) in Animal Reiki;

  • I'm about to train in Tellington TTouch therapy (for animals) and clients will be able to book TTT sessions with me, in the next couple of months;

  • My Reiki path is about to move forward to the next level(s), as I'll be taking my Reiki Master/Master Teacher degree, in October (super excited);

  • My CNHC Reiki diploma is moving forward in leaps and bounds now that I can practice again - I'm hoping to get that completed this year too;

  • I should shortly be participating in an Animal Reiki study, with a student from the University of Chester, to gather data on the behavioural effects of Reiki on animals (at a local shelter)! I'm super excited about this - Reiki has amazing and very noticeable positive effects for animals, but there's not a great deal of actual scientific research out there, to give the credibility and reputation-building that Animal Reiki deserves, as a therapeutic healing modality;

  • I've been continuing my Shiatsu learning - remotely, for the last year, and just now moving back to in-person classes. My course will take an extra year now, but over that time I've broadened and deepened my learning, experience and skills, thanks to Brighton Shiatsu College's teachers putting on online learning weekends, as well as offering their courses on a donations-only basis, at New Energy Work. I've also discovered and practised distance Shiatsu as a modality (utterly amazing, incredibly effective and super exciting!!).

  • I'm planning to start offering Acupressure sessions to clients, in a couple of months, once I complete the "first year" of my Shiatsu diploma;

  • I'm now a professional meditation teacher - for 121 Meditation Therapy, group classes and bespoke group sessions, as well as recording (and editing/mixing) some of my own meditations, which are now published here on the popular Insight Timer app. I've also been running some online Sunday lunchtime drop-in meditations, to help people experience their connections that are there all the time on an energetic level, but which haven't felt as present over the last year due to circumstances. I'm currently running a series called "Sacred Pause" which is all about connecting with ourselves, rebalancing, regrounding and enabling us to self-heal on all levels. It's been such a blessing to be working with such an incredible global community of lovely people, and to help folks in an immediate way, from right here in my own home.

  • I filed my first ever Tax Return (woohoo! extra grey hairs - lol!) - on time too!

  • I've continued writing articles (albeit my offerings have been a little more sparse of late) as a staff writer for the wonderful Peaceful Dumpling online magazine. I'm so blessed to be part of this amazing, positive, supportive team of writers/editors! My articles here have often become another outlet for me to share my learning and help people, via another platform - such as my article on Energetic Protection, and on Acupressure points, as well as Winter Wellbeing using TCM.

  • My family (nuclear) has increased by 2 members (well, 1 permanent member and one wonderful foster girl) - Tigger (our lockdown foster-fail) and Layla - the first cat I gave Reiki to at the shelter. She really inspired my ongoing work, and pushed me on to find a way to offer my study idea to the University of Chester saw what a radical change in her the Reiki healing facilitated. She is a brave, loving girl, who has overcome so much, and continues not to let fear hold her back from exploring the world and being her adventurous, heroic, fiercely strong self! Love that girl!

So yes. Quite a bit of change, and things moving forward in unexpected ways, as other things have ground to a definitive halt. I'm not going to get into looking at the difficult stuff for now - that's possibly for another article. Overall, I'm better equipped and experienced to help people (of all species) in positive, healing, empowering ways - and let's face it, right now, that's a very timely thing!

Please feel free to share anything you'd like to in the comments below, and also to ask me a question if you'd like to!

Blessings to us all. Let's be kind and gentle with ourselves as we move (at varying stages of readiness) towards face to face interaction and more engagement with the physical world around us. And let's not forget to check in with ourselves, and make time and space for the grieving and healing that needs to happen after any major change.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and listen to your felt sense more than your head. That's where the true wisdom lies!

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