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Reiki 1 (beginners) course

(£200 total, £50 deposit)

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Reiki 3(a) Master Practitioner course

(cost depending on experience)


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Reiki full 1-hour treatment: £45


Why not treat yourself to some real "you" time, with an in-person treatment, in Covid-safe conditions? 

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Animal Reiki: £35

Sessions are at the client's home, or by distance treatment. Length of sessions range from 20 minutes to 1 hour.

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*Reiki is never a substitute for medical treatment - animals' behavioural issues can be caused by other conditions. Veterinary advice should be sought before starting a course of animal Reiki therapy if there is an underlying medical issue.*

Reiki 2* (practitioner) course

(£250 total, £50 deposit)

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Reiki 3(b) Master Teacher course

(cost depending on experience level)

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Reiki full 1-hour distance treatment: £45


Book in a distant Reiki treatment, and receive the gentle healing energy in the comfort of your own home.

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1 hr Foundation-level Shiatsu: £45

(Also known as Holistic Acupressure)

Reconnect with yourself, and feel more energetically balanced, with physical aches and pains eased. 

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121 Bespoke Meditation: £ varies

(No experience necessary)

Take control of your life, stop the effects of stress and reactivity from holding you back, and start to make progress on your own path, towards your personal goals. 

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