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Sacred Pause retreat programme

What's on offer: included activities and optional extras

Yoga studio at the Mill Retreat Centre, France.

Daily Yoga

Claire Mace's  daily Yoga sessions for the Sacred Pause Retreat will be intention-led, to help you ground and deepen into the deliciousness of being on retreat; nurturing your mind, body and soul.  All classes will offer options for beginners and options for more experienced practitioners.  


Self-care workshops

Learn how to start healing yourself by the simple act of connecting deeply with your own felt sense. Bear witness and hold space, non-judgementally for your body & energy and hear what they wish to say to you.

Learn some acupressure points for common complaints, as well as basic self-Shiatsu. Discover how to support yourself and your different needs during the different seasons of the year, using 5 element theory, acupressure points and food energetics. With Ema Melanaphy (Shiatsu diploma student and  Holistic Acupressure practitioner)

Tai chi practitioner in nature

5-elements QiGong 

5 half-hour QiGong sessions over the course of the weekend will connect you with the energetic qualities and movements of the 5 elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness/experience, this calming, grounding practice is something you can build into your daily wellbeing routine, to bring a more embodied, connected quality to your busy life. Yin to the Yang, baby!


Bundle ritual/Medicine Wheel

Led by Jana Labaki.

The simple, beautiful ritual of The Bundle can be found in many native traditions across North America. It allows us to access the inner freedom and transformation that comes from letting go. Supported by the Universe, and elements of Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire, we trust that what we need to release will be taken care of.

The Medicine Wheel is the cornerstone of many native American traditions. We will share a beautiful meditative exercise based on this ancient philosophy. Together we will light a sacred fire, and use the teachings from the four cardinal directions, starting at the East and moving all the way round to the North, to take stock of where we are in our lives.

An outdoors statue of the Buddha in a woodland setting

Daily Reiki Meditation

Daily Reiki-infused, energetic meditations, guided by Reiki Master & Meditation Teacher Ema Melanaphy. This will be a co-created therapeutic experience,  unique to each meditator's needs and energy, on the day. Powerful release, empowering transformation, healing and integration.


Daily Reiki shares

Open to all, join your fellow retreat guests, teachers and therapists in receiving the beautiful Reiki energy, and (if attuned to Reiki) should you wish, share in the gift of giving collective treatments to others, or hold space.

Claire Mace

121 Yoga lessons

Use some of your free time to book a private 121 Yoga lesson with Claire Mace: £75 per hour, or £90 for 1h30. Book in your session directly with Claire, by emailing or call: 07970 409 724


Holistic Treatments

Book yourself a gorgeous pampering treatment with one of Sacred Pause's on-site team of therapists, in the centre's luxurious treatment space; as an optional boost to your healing, wellbeing experience, over the weekend.

Meet the team, and reserve your perfect me-time treatment today!


Professional practitioners' Workshop

For all professional-level practitioners (Reiki, Yoga and any other wellbeing/holistic modalities).

Spend some time with fellow professionals, learn new skills and perspectives, share best practice,  receive support and benefit from the opportunity to grow your network!

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