Reiki full 1-hour treatment: £45


Why not treat yourself to some real "you" time, with an in-person treatment Reiki? 

Lie back and relax, enjoying the beautiful Reiki energy, whilst it works to help your physical health, relaxation, and emotional wellbeing.

With a full 1 hour in-person treatment at my healing space, this option gives you the benefit of a full Reiki treatment, working on all levels to gently and safely restore your body's natural balance, remove blockers, and to replenish you energetically.

Reiki full 1-hour distance treatment: £45

Book in a distant Reiki treatment, and receive the gentle healing energy in the comfort of your own home.


The perfect way to look after your wellbeing at those times when a face to face treatment just isn't possible.


Reiki can work just as well from a distance (as my testimonial feedback confirms!), and you'll receive the same level of care, pre-treatment discussion and post-treatment detailed feedback afterwards that you would, with a face-to-face treatments.

Animal Reiki: £35

Animal Reiki uses different techniques and skills, to understand what the animal's wishes and needs are for their treatment. Sessions are sometimes 20 minutes, but can last up to 1 hour. I'm guided by the animal's needs on the day. Possible benefits include relaxation, a deep sense of calm and wellbeing, the release of issues and traumas - which can lead to the improvement of  behavioural issues, as well as healing on all levels.

I have found that after a few treatments, animals can begin to trust (in themselves and their humans) more, and habitual behaviours subside as they become more present and less reactive.

As our animals are so in tune with their humans' wellbeing, it may benefit your companion animal for you to receive some Reiki as well - if this is the case, I will offer this as part of the overall therapy time, or as a combined package at a reduced overall amount.

*Reiki is never a substitute for medical treatment - animals' behavioural issues can be caused by other conditions. Veterinary advice should be sought before starting a course of animal Reiki  therapy if there is an underlying medical issue.*

1 hr Foundation-level Shiatsu: £45

(Also known as Holistic Acupressure)

Reconnect with yourself, and feel more energetically balanced, with physical aches and pains eased. 

I incorporate the Classical meridians as well as the extended Masunaga meridian system of Zen Shiatsu. I work with the acupressure points and energy channels in the body - applying direct pressure, and sometimes using gentle stretches, movement  and rotations to release any blocks, and improve the flow and balance of energy within the body. This treatment helps restore and promote good health, healing and wellbeing on all levels.

Shiatsu is a fully-clothed treatment, which is completely adaptable to all ages and physical conditions.

121 Bespoke Meditation - £ varies

No experience necessary.

Take control of your life, stop the effects of stress and reactivity from holding you back, and start to make progress on your own path, towards your personal goals. 

Allow me to create for you a bespoke therapeutic meditation or set of meditations, specifically tailored to your needs, level of experience, your own personal strengths and preferred style. Using therapeutic meditation can help you begin to gently release unhelpful habits and unwanted behaviours, to deal with any long-standing issues that have  been holding you back, and support you in your own meditation practice. This is a powerful tool that once learned, with a commitment to regular practice, you will be able to continue benefitting from, for the rest of your life.