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Pregnancy Massage

Full-body massage, specially adapted for pregnancy. This treatment offers a range of Health & Wellbeing benefits; for both Mama-to-be, and baby

A gentle, relaxing, health-promoting full-body massage, tailored to support pregnancy, from trimester 2 until childbirth, as well as aiding in postpartum recovery.


Massage during pregnancy can alleviate symptoms, help to ease and soothe tightness, pressure on joints, organs and ligaments, and calms stresses.



Pregnant belly

The Benefits of Massage during pregnancy

Regular massage during a pregnancy can benefit Mothers, as well as their unborn baby, and supports the Mother emotionally and physiologically - and the endorphins it brings to the Mother are passed to baby as well. It can help childbirth to be easier, as well as having benefits for postpartum recovery.

Some of the benefits of regular massage during pregnancy are:

1. Stimulation of the blood circulation: bringing nutrients and fluids to the organs of the body, and to the baby.

2. Lymphatic drainage: detoxification, eliminating toxins and waste, and reducing oedema (swelling).

3. Promoting healthy digestion;

4. Releasing muscular tension and compression,

5. Helping avoid varicose veins;

6. Inducing deep relaxation and reducing emotional stress;

7. Helping maintain a healthy, balanced blood pressure.

Massage also encourages the release of oxytocin, which is a pain reducing hormone - providing pain relief during labour and childbirth.

"With the end of my second trimester in a couple of weeks, I wanted to get myself third trimester ready with the summer time bliss package* with Ema - it sounded amazing!  It started with a massage which was wonderful and got rid of so much tension, it was tailored to exactly what I needed according to symptoms, pains etc. The reiki going into the guided meditation was lovely and I’ve never felt so relaxed during a treatment. I highly recommend this treatment to anyone who is needing that extra self care and connection in pregnancy. Thank you, Ema." 

KD, Cheshire

(The "Bliss" pregnancy packages with Ema (at Juniper) combine a full Pregnancy Massage, Reiki session, and a guided connection meditation, for mummy-to-be and their little one. Spending some special quality time together, in a safe, held, energetic space)

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