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A view of the Edge at Nether Alderley


Discover a new path to wellbeing with ReikiEma. A certified Reiki Master Teacher, Shiatsu student and Holistic Acupressure therapist, ReikiEma offers a comprehensive range of services, including Reiki therapy courses, Reiki healing treatments, Reiki for animals and meditation teaching in Warrington, UK. Transform your life today with ReikiEma.

Water Ripples

"I've received both distance and in-person reiki treatments from Ema. Each session was a comforting, physically and spiritually nourishing experience, and whatever issue I was grappling with became clarified—not immediately, but gradually and on my own. Reiki with Ema isn't a "magic solution" but a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical recalibration that helps you yourself reset and redirect to a better path. Ema is a radiant and compassionate soul and a natural healer. I highly, highly recommend her treatments."



Reiki is a gentle, safe, non-invasive natural therapy, which is suitable for people of all ages, and physical conditions. Treatments are done over clothing, and either use light touch, or are given with hands just off the body. It can boost wellbeing, help remove blocks and detoxify the system on all levels, and many people find Reiki deeply relaxing and uplifting.

1h, 1h30 and 2h options are also available.

Online bookings are available, or contact me direct to arrange an appointment. 

In-person locations are currently at Stockton Heath, St. Helens and Leigh, or can be in the comfort of your own home, with our convenient mobile treatment option.

Headshot of a woman receiving Reiki
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