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A view of the Edge at Nether Alderley



Discover a new path to wellbeing with ReikiEma. A certified Reiki Master Teacher, Shiatsu student and Holistic Acupressure therapist, ReikiEma offers a comprehensive range of services, including Reiki therapy courses, Reiki healing treatments, Reiki for animals and meditation teaching in Warrington, UK. Transform your life today with ReikiEma.

"Ema is a beautiful human in and out. She is so positive and I feel the harmony around her.

I didn't really know what Reiki was, but Ema was very kind to give me a course of treatments which was so peaceful and I felt so relaxed!

I fall asleep into this peaceful place and when the treatment is over I feel so relaxed and refreshed!

Highly recommended!"



In-person Reiki treatments in central Warrington, at Juniper Clinic Stockton Heath, or at your home. 

Reiki is a gentle, safe, non-invasive natural therapy, which is suitable for people of all ages, and physical conditions. Treatments are done over clothing, and either use light touch, or are given with hands just off the body. It can boost wellbeing, help remove blocks and detoxify the system on all levels, and many people find Reiki deeply relaxing and uplifting.

Online bookings are available, or contact me direct to arrange an appointment. 

Headshot of a woman receiving Reiki
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