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UK Reiki Federation: Online Webinar panel

A panel discussion featuring Ema, about the panel members' experiences of giving Reiki to animals in Rescue Centres. 

UK Therapy Rooms article with Ema Melanaphy on Veganism


Veganism: an Interview with Ema Melanaphy, founder of ReikiEma

Ema's interview with UK Therapy Rooms, who wanted to find out about being Vegan, as a Therapist. Click to read the Article, on UK Therapy Rooms' website.


Shiatsu Society Journal, Autumn 2022

Ema Melanaphy holding up Shiatsu Society Journal magazine open at her article

Article by Ema, on the subject of Shizuto Masunaga's "Lifecycle of the Amoeba" (Zen Shiatsu's founder), in comparison with other Universal Archetypes, including the Fool's Journey, the Menstrual Wheel and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

The front cover of the UK Reiki Federation magazine "Reiki World" - Summer 2022.


Reiki World Magazine: Summer Edition - Animal Reiki article

Article by Sue Malcolm, on the Panel discussion - quoting from Ema and other panellist participants in the UK Reiki Federation Webinar.


Mystic Mag interview

Image of Ema Melanaphy & quote, from Mystic Mag online magazine.

"Mystic Mag" online magazine interviewed Ema, and featured her in one of their site's blog articles. Read the article here.


Video: Top 5 Acupressure points for Stress

Learn 5 simple, quick and super effective acupoints, easily integrated into daily life. Take charge of your wellbeing, with these natural, free, powerful yet gentle acupressure points! Wellbeing hacks for busy folks!

Top 3 stress acupoints
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Patreon Introduction Video

Find out more about Ema's story so far, exciting new projects on the horizon, and how to be a part of her journey!

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