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A portrait of Ema and Tigger (her cat)

About ReikiEma

Hi - I'm Ema - founder of ReikiEma, Holistic Practitioner and Teacher.

I'm a geeky human, with a passion for learning, self-development, holistic and complementary therapies, and helping people (of all species) to live their best lives!

I found my calling after working in the Public Sector for over 10 years! When Reiki came into my life, I realised that this was what I was meant to be doing - not the high-paid Senior Project Management role I had worked so hard to achieve.

I'm so blessed to do what makes my heart happy!

I started up my business in early 2020, as soon as I qualified as a professional Reiki practitioner - and despite my (arguably questionable) timing, I'm still very much here - being tenacious, flexible and creative. Being creative is something I've always thrived on - finding new ways to take my work forward, supporting and helping others (and myself, too)!

I'm now a qualified, experienced Reiki Master Teacher and CNHC practitioner, offering treatments and Reiki courses in the Warrington and Cheshire area.


I also started volunteering during lockdown: I am so blessed, and it is really important to me to give back and help causes I'm passionate about. It's my dream to be able to do more of this, in the future - and it's my dream to open an Animal Sanctuary/Rescue, combined with an Animal Reiki school and healing volunteering retreat centre for humans! 


I've already achieved one of my major dreams, and am now registered with the CNHC (the UK Government's Regulator for Complementary Therapies)! I'm also a UK Reiki Federation-accredited Reiki for Animals Professional practitioner. Having given Reiki to many of the animals at my local RSPCA centre as a volunteer, during lockdown, I realised that working with other species is a huge part of my calling. What a blessing and a source of learning it's been for me, too!

“Ema is always so calm, understanding and patient with the animals. She is … extremely adaptable to suit each animal's needs. Most of the animals which come into our care have suffered abuse or neglect which Ema shows true compassion towards. …. We are all immensely grateful for the time and commitment Ema gives and would 100% recommend her service to anyone and any animal which needs additional help/support.” ~ Alana Bibby, Animal Welfare Team Leader, RSPCA-WHS


My therapy offerings also now include Therapeutic Meditation, Pregnancy massage, Womb healing massage with Reiki, Holistic Acupressure and Student-level Shiatsu, and acupressure massage (I'm taking a 3-year CNHC-accredited diploma at the Manchester Shiatsu College). All of this learning/experience in  different therapies, is something that informs my Reiki work (and my teaching) as well.

(Check out my Media page for a flavour of the different fields I have involvement in, as well as some of the ways I integrate all these influences and experiences together across my work!)

As a "multipotentialite", my interests, passions and vision are always far-reaching, and I'm definitely an ideas person - so watch this space for more updates on exciting new directions and threads to the tapestry of my Portfolio Career!


You might also be interested in reading some of my published articles in the Shiatsu Society Journal (August 2022 edition) which is also linked on my Media page, you'll also find the link to an interview with me in online magazine "Mystic Mag". If you're interested in Animal Reiki, you may also want to check out the fascinating video of a Panel discussion I took part in - also on the Media page (as well as available to watch on YouTube), discussing our beautiful and challenging experiences of bringing Reiki to Rescue Animals, with Sue Malcolm, the UK Reiki Federation's (then) Animal Reiki Lead.

And if (like me) you're intrigued by reading reviews, the main 3 places you can find my client's feedback are:

1. Google;

2. Client Testimonials;

3. Trustpilot


If you're curious to find out more, you can message me on the "Contact Us" pop-up below, or via email, text, phone or on Social Media. 


You can also learn more by downloading my super accessible illustrated e-booklets:


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