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Reiki for self-care

Pre-reiki 1. This course is a practically-focused one, intended for carers, people with chronic conditions and volunteers/people who need an affordable way to receive Reiki: self-treatment! 4x Weekly 2-hour sessions starting in October. £75 per person. Email to join, or for more details.

Coming soon (to be announced):

*Reiki 2 (Professional level) Course

*Master Practitioner Course 
*Reiki Master Teacher Course
*Blended online/in-person Reiki 1 and 2 Courses
*Animal Reiki for beginners/volunteers
*Reiki 1 for energy workers
*Qi/Ki theory and practice for those already Reiki-attuned 
(CPD or Reiki development)

~Contact me for more information and to pre-book

Reiki courses

Reiki 1 (Beginners) course

An introduction to Reiki, and 4  attunements from UK Reiki Federation Registered Reiki Master Teacher Ema Melanaphy. This course will give you healing hands and teach you the basics so that you can give beautiful Reiki treatments to yourself, family and friends.

Learn about Reiki & the ways you can use it! Discover what energy healing is and learn about the different energy systems of the body. 


You'll also find out other ways that Reiki can be used in your life (Reiki meditations and much more), and the hand positions for giving a full treatment.

Courses run for 2 consecutive full days - please bring your own lunch.

As part of this course students receive a  Reiki 1 manual, Certificate of completion, and snacks/drinks during the course.

Minimum class size is 2 people, course deposit amount is £50 per person.

Cost: £200 total (balance is payable 2 weeks before the course)

Reiki 2* (Practitioner) course


A 2-day Practitioner-level course, including Manual, certificate and second degree attunements from Reiki Master Teacher, Ema Melanaphy.

Take your current experience, learning and understanding of Reiki to the next level. Learn how to use the 3 symbols of Reiki 2, which your attunements will give you access to use, as well as more advanced energy work techniques for your Reiki practice. 

Level 2 also includes practical guidance, legal and business information around setting up your own professional Reiki practice, and looks at self-development and professional development.

Courses run for 2 full days, and you will be offered ongoing support and mentoring from your Reiki Master after completion. 

Minimum class size is 2 people, course deposit amount is £50.

Cost: £250 total (balance is payable 2 weeks before the course)

Contact me for course dates and to register your interest in Reiki 2

*Reiki 1 is a prerequisite for Reiki level 2

Inma, Warrington

I’ve taken my RMP course with Ema and I can not recommend her enough. Ema is an incredibly talented healer and a very knowledgeable teacher, not only in Reiki but in many other areas related to energy work. She’s thorough with an incredible attention to detail and a heart the size of the UK! She listens and makes sure you understand what’s being explained to you and will answer all your questions while encouraging you to find the answers too. She pushes you gently to discover your potential while supporting all along the way, before, during and after. She leads by empowering you to take the lead, giving you the chance to find your own way and more importantly, to trust and believe in yourself. I’ve gained not only incredible knowledge about the practice but in other energy modalities and techniques too that have come incredibly useful in working with my own energy, and getting to know myself and others so I can be of greater service in my journey going forward. The course was very flexible with learning online and in person, adapting to my needs and busy lifestyle, giving me the space to develop at my own pace. If you’re looking to broaden your knowledge, experience energy in different ways and to be gently guided and supported, then you’re in the rights hands. Inma x

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