What my clients say...

"Ema is a beautiful human in and out. She is so positive and I feel the harmony around her. I didn't really know what Reiki was, but Ema was very kind to give me a course of treatments which was so peaceful and I felt so relaxed! I fall asleep into this peaceful place and when the treatment is over I feel so relaxed and refreshed! Highly recommended!"

~Jess, Manchester, UK

"Ema is a wonderful person who radiates energy and positivity.

There was always a powerful and comforting energy while I was having my treatments. I walked away feeling a lot more opened minded than I have in a long time.

Thank you ema :-)"

~Vikki, Warrington, UK

"I went for a taster session and then several full treatments. Ema is a caring and kind practitioner.

There was a powerful and profound energy throughout the treatment and a sense of warmth and ease the moments I came through the door.

Thoroughly recommended."

~ Luke Tennant, Cheshire, UK

"I was interested in trying reiki and went for a course of reiki treatments with Ema. I was really amazed at the powerful and healing energy i experienced each time. Ema was really kind and professional. I feel inspired to do reiki level 1. I would definitely recommend Ema to anyone interested in reiki."

~ Sal, Cheshire, UK

"I had my first Reiki session with Ema as a virtual experience. I did not know what to expect and decided to go with the flow. Whilst Ema was working on me remotely, I lay comfortably, wrapped in a fluffy blanket, listening to relaxing music with incense burning. I could feel sensations at different parts of my body, in particular my head, feet and lower legs. After the session, I felt relaxed but also energised. Ema and I had a debrief and she explained the blockages she had felt and what she had done. It was over the next few days that I felt remarkably different. Even though my life was still as busy as usual, I had a renewed sense of calmness and felt energised. My former weariness has disappeared and I felt alive. My complexion felt softer and skin clearer. The results were so dramatic that I just had to let Ema know. Thank you Ema for a wonderful and healing experience."

- Olivia, UK