What my clients say...

"Working with Ema completely changed my young cat, Chetta’s, life. Chetta came to me a traumatised rescue kitten and over her first year, we did a lot together to build trust and security. Always a sassy, chatty little one, something was though holding Chetta back from really blooming, letting herself love and be loved and to find her confidence in the world. Through a series of sessions with Ema, I saw Chetta’s energy level out in a most positive way and her come forward into the world around her with a new assurance. Still sassy, still chatty, but now much calmer, less timid, and more settled emotionally, I can firmly say that Chetta is living her best life, thanks to Ema."

~CC, Brighton, UK

"I have had a number of reiki sessions with Ema and have to say each experience has been hugely helpful, enjoyable and unique. Ema is a beautiful lady and gentle in her approach. She worked intuitively with me meaning she was able to tap into areas that needed addressing on a much deeper level. I have found it so beneficial thank you so much"

~Gaynor, Cheshire, UK

"Ema has done some fabulous sessions with the animals at the centre I work at and on a personal level I have experienced many benefits from the weekly sessions I have with Ema myself now. I personally feel a lot more relaxed and focussed and my sleeping patterns have improved. The sessions are done in a very relaxed atmosphere too. I would definitely recommend Ema to anyone that is thinking of taking this type of therapy."

~Kevin, Cheshire, UK

"Totally new experience for me. Very relaxing and helped relieve aches and pains. Ema was attentive without being over the top A lovely lady, well worth a visit."

~Diane, Cheshire, UK

"Ema is a beautiful human in and out. She is so positive and I feel the harmony around her. I didn't really know what Reiki was, but Ema was very kind to give me a course of treatments which was so peaceful and I felt so relaxed! I fall asleep into this peaceful place and when the treatment is over I feel so relaxed and refreshed! Highly recommended!"

~Jess, Manchester, UK

"Ema is a wonderful person who radiates energy and positivity.

There was always a powerful and comforting energy while I was having my treatments. I walked away feeling a lot more opened minded than I have in a long time.

Thank you ema :-)"

~Vikki, Warrington, UK

"I went for a taster session and then several full treatments. Ema is a caring and kind practitioner.

There was a powerful and profound energy throughout the treatment and a sense of warmth and ease the moments I came through the door.

Thoroughly recommended."

~ Luke Tennant, Cheshire, UK

"I was interested in trying reiki and went for a course of reiki treatments with Ema. I was really amazed at the powerful and healing energy i experienced each time. Ema was really kind and professional. I feel inspired to do reiki level 1. I would definitely recommend Ema to anyone interested in reiki."

~ Sal, Cheshire, UK

"I had my first Reiki session with Ema as a virtual experience. I did not know what to expect and decided to go with the flow. Whilst Ema was working on me remotely, I lay comfortably, wrapped in a fluffy blanket, listening to relaxing music with incense burning. I could feel sensations at different parts of my body, in particular my head, feet and lower legs. After the session, I felt relaxed but also energised. Ema and I had a debrief and she explained the blockages she had felt and what she had done. It was over the next few days that I felt remarkably different. Even though my life was still as busy as usual, I had a renewed sense of calmness and felt energised. My former weariness has disappeared and I felt alive. My complexion felt softer and skin clearer. The results were so dramatic that I just had to let Ema know. Thank you Ema for a wonderful and healing experience."

~ Olivia, UK

"Lovely lady. Very positive experience very clean and covid aware. Felt so much better after treatment. I would highly recommend her."

~ Howard, UK

"I cannot recommend a session with Ema enough. After personally seeing the difference her sessions have made to some animals, I couldn't wait to have a session myself. Having never had reiki before, I had no idea what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised. I felt so relaxed, like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. And my body felt like it had a detox, i also slept amazingly afterwards. I can't wait for my next session. The whole experience was lovely, very clean and professionally done from start to finish. Ema is calm and caring."

~Susanne, Cheshire UK

"Ema is really professional and explains the reiki sessions very well. We explored a few different options on how to do the sessions, as to what worked best for me. I have been to 4 sessions and although at times I have found it difficult to relax with a busy mind, I have also experienced deep sense of calm and relaxation. The sessions have helped reduce my anxiety and promote wellbeing for myself, by having that time to just relax which can often be hard to do. I have found it to increase my energy and leaves me feeling really well. I highly recommend Ema’s sessions."

~ Kate, Cheshire, UK