Animal Reiki Study with Chester University and Warrington RSPCA

2 New services: Holistic Acupressure and (student level) Shiatsu 

Well, like many of us, over lockdown I've been keeping myself busy! As well as studying, writing articles and giving lots of distant treatments, I've been volunteering at my local RSPCA centre in Warrington. As well as fostering 2 fur babies (one of whom was a foster fail - the handsome charmer, Tiggs) for almost a year now I've been giving Reiki treatments to the rescue cats and dogs in their care, on a weekly basis. The effectiveness of these Reiki treatments has been quite significant!


So I'm super excited to share that I'm currently participating in a study to measure how Reiki affects the behaviour of animals, with Chester University and the Warrington & St Helen's Branch of the RSPCA!

Work has already begun, and the first data sets were gathered during the ast week (W/c 5th July)! Watch this space for more news and updates on progress, and once the findings are ready to share. It's an absolute privilege to be able to work with the University of Chester, and also with the RSPCA, who do such amazing work, and have so kindly agreed to allow us to carry out this work at their centre. I'm grateful to be able to contribute to the (currently rather scarce) quantitative data sets around Reiki's effectiveness to help animals' wellbeing. My hope is that this will add weight and credibility to the therapeutic benefits and effectiveness of Reiki for animals - particularly those who have difficult pasts to put behind them.

Watch this space for updates! And if you'd like to book a Reiki session for your own fur baby, please drop me a line here.

I'm excited to announce that I'm now taking bookings for Holistic Acupressure sessions, and (student level) Shiatsu!

Holistic Acupressure is similar to Shiatsu: they both make use of

  • directly applied pressure, working the body's energy meridians; 

  • gentle stretches and movement


to help rebalance and promote the healthy flow of Qi/Ki (or energy), to help ease tight muscles, and improve the client's overall health, relaxation and wellbeing.

Why not book a session today, and find out for yourself why so many of my clients love Shiatsu/acupressure!