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Womb Healing Massage

Deep Healing, Health-boosting, Nourishing

What is Womb Healing Massage?

Womb Healing massage is a holistic treatment, which combines gentle therapeutic massage over the abdominal area, sides and lower back, with Energy work techniques from Reiki and Shiatsu. This beautiful, powerful healing can also incorporate guided meditation, if requested, to assist with some of the deeper layers of spiritual and emotional healing work which can be incorporated into this treatment.

As a holistic therapy, a Womb Healing massage takes place within a sacred energetic space. I hold space for your womb and her wisdom; the seat of all human life, universe for unborn children, projects and intentions.


The womb space is our connection direct into the same ancient power and wisdom which birthed the universe, even time and space. It’s the microcosm of the vast mysterious macrocosm - and it lives within us, informing our experience and potention; a source of true power and intuitive knowingness.


When we connect with our womb space, hold space for it, with love, compassion and honour; magic and deep healing begin to happen.

Photo of womb massage

Who is Womb Healing massage for?

Anyone who has, or has had a womb, regardless of whether they have or have ever had a menstrual cycle.

This treatment can take place for people at any age or life stage. The womb is a crucial part of how those who house one, experience life; she is not simply a functional means to an end or an inconvenience - she is a living, vital, feeling part of us.


Connecting with the womb on this holistic level, during a Womb Healing Massage, can allow deep healing to take place - which is so often needed, sometimes it can be an entire lifetime's healing which is needed. It's never too late or too early to connect in, and claim your power - your birthright.


There can be so much judgement, trauma and pain that we, as humans, store here. And the  beautiful healing practice of Womb Healing Massage allows you to connect with a hidden, often stigmatised and secret, part of yourself – to gift acceptance, love and full integration of all aspects of yourself, into who you are. This is often a form of shadow-work - bringing your whole self into the light of acceptance and ownership. And this is the true way to gain insight, deep healing, wholeness and ultimately, the unshakable strength that only true self-acceptance and self-knowledge can bring.

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What happens in a Womb Healing Massage?

For this treatment I use a natural, unscented grapeseed oil, and gently massage your whole abdominal area, in a clockwise direction, following the same direction taken by the digestive system, and supporting this nourishing, nurturing flow. I use acupressure points on the Conception channel (one of the two central channels in Traditional Chinese Medicine) as well, which connect energetically with the reproductive organs, as well as with our digestive organs, to bring balance and harmony. I can also incorporate acupressure points on the legs and feet, to further help re-balance and support your body, energetically. Massaging the womb area can also help re-situate the womb if it’s become misaligned, and also stimulates blood flow, shifting any stagnation, and helping refresh and revitalise the womb.

In this treatment I also use Reiki intuitively, to provide deep healing, warmth and connection for you and your womb, on whatever level your journey takes place, on that day.


I hold space for you and your womb, honouring her power, using intention and energy to support your journey, in a safe, sacred space of healing. Deep healing like this requires vulnerability, and as guardian and facilitator of this healing experience, I use my compassion, strength and energy to make that possible, in the way that’s right for each individual person.


Some people want to be witnessed and accompanied, some people need more space and solitude in the energetic space within – whatever degree of personal space/guidance is required by you, is exactly what I will provide.


This is your experience - your healing, and your intuition and individual needs are at the heart of that. Trust yourself. You hold the key to your own healing, even if it's hidden - and I'm there to support you during that process.

For some people, a guided meditation can be a helpful opening for self-connection within, especially if there’s a tendency towards busy mind, or a need to be offered a more clearly defined pathway. As an experienced therapeutic meditation teacher, I can offer this support and guidance – using my voice and words as an extension of my energy work, this can be a powerful way to engage the mind in the healing process.

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What are the benefits of Womb Healing Massage?

On the physical level, Womb Healing Massage can help improve blood and energy circulation and flow to both the reproductive and digestive systems. It can encourage hormonal rebalance and assist in the optimal positioning of the womb and uterus. Womb Healing Massage can be helpful in supporting the female reproductive system, where gynaecological concerns are present, such as PMS, endometriosis, blood clots, amenorrhea, lower back pain, adhesions, vaginitis and IBS. It can also be a good way to help enhance your preparations for IVF or ART. As a holistic therapy, Womb Healing Massage can help your whole body balance, and wellness on all levels.

Womb Healing Massage can help with relaxation and stress management. It can also facilitate the release of past trauma (which, until healing takes place, is held within the body), enabling deep emotional or psychological wounds to be addressed. It gives you permission not only to connect with your body, but to honour that part of your experience which may not be welcomed, respected or even seen by the wider world.


Womb Healing Massage allows you to connect with, and nurture your sacred womb space, and natural rhythms of your life: the cyclical ebbs and flows of energies and different strengths these states offer you. Womb Healing Massage provides you the means to connect with, and release, emotions, experiences, judgement and hurt which can have been held in the womb space for years, even decades.

This is a deeply moving treatment, and can be tremendously empowering - allowing you to connect with yourself and the power of the Universe (or your goddess within).

Some people find it helpful to decide on an intention or a question/request for wisdom, which they will ask of their womb. They can then take that intention with them into the energetic healing space, to be held during the treatment, and then revisited again, once the session is complete.

The Womb Healing Massage takes place on a very deep level, and language can’t truly capture its essence - as is the case with most treatments which are deeply spiritual and energetic.

However, here is what one person said, after receiving her first womb massage:

"Recently had Womb massage with a wonderful lady named Ema.
An absolutely beautiful experience with major energetic releases and visions during the course of the treatment.
This for me is an ongoing process of self discovery and healing, not only myself but my entire female ancestral line.
Would highly recommend both Ema and the treatment for all women wanting to heal their relationship with their womb portal and to innerstand their feelings relating to this very sacred vessel that we have the honor to carry .
Thank you Ema for providing such a safe , sacred place, for me to connect back to my divine feminine ❤️"

If this resonates with you, and if you're ready to discover more about stepping into your own powerful healing journey with Womb Healing Massage, then click below to book your first session.

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