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Do you know or feel things intuitively sometimes, but don't know whether or when to trust in it completely? Not sure whether it's your own imagination/subconscious wish or actually guidance and wisdom?

If this is something you've experienced, and you'd like to learn how to develop your intuition and make it work for you; to discover what tools and techniques are out there for you to use, and just how meditation (and the energies of the Fire and Water Elements) can be key to accessing your inner wisdom and connection with the divine within you, then this Workshop is for you!

Ema and Tanvir Anowar recording their podcast. Link to The Wisdom Keepers Workshop video page


A relaxed, happy cat curled up, with their legs resting on a human's hand. Link leads to Guided Meditation for Companion Animals and their Humans video page

Create a safe, nurturing healing space for you and your animal companion, to help them de-escalate from triggered, fearful, panicked or upset states. Discover how to  model your energy and mindset, in a way which will be helpful and soothing to both your companion, and yourself.


The Guided Healing Meditation for Companion Animals and their Humans is ideal for situations where your companion is over-stimulated or stressed-out, such as Bonfire Night, New Year's Eve, or any other times when they are likely to be triggered and/or overwhelmed. 

To learn more about the benefits of Meditation and what Therapeutic Meditation options Ema offers, check out the "About Therapeutic Meditation" page.


UK Reiki Federation: Online Webinar panel

A panel discussion featuring Ema, about stories and experiences of giving Reiki to animals, in Rescue Centres. 

UK Therapy Rooms article with Ema Melanaphy on Veganism


Veganism: an Interview with Ema Melanaphy, founder of ReikiEma

Ema's interview with UK Therapy Rooms, who were interested in finding out more about being Vegan, as a Therapist. Click to read the Article, on UK Therapy Rooms' website.


Shiatsu Society Journal, Autumn 2022

Ema Melanaphy holding up Shiatsu Society Journal magazine open at her article

An article by Ema published in the UK Shiatsu Professional Association: "Shiatsu Society Journal". In this article, Ema tackles the subject of Shizuto Masunaga's "Lifecycle of the Amoeba" (Zen Shiatsu's founder), in comparison with other Universal Archetypes, including the Fool's Journey, the Menstrual Wheel and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.

The front cover of the UK Reiki Federation magazine "Reiki World" - Summer 2022.


Reiki World Magazine: Summer Edition - Animal Reiki article

Article by Sue Malcolm, on the Panel discussion - quoting from Ema and other panellist participants in the UK Reiki Federation Webinar.


Mystic Mag interview

Image of Ema Melanaphy & quote, from Mystic Mag online magazine.

"Mystic Mag" online magazine featured their interview with Ema, in one of their site's Blog articles. You can read it here.

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