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Energetic Protection

What is Energetic Protection?

A fence and  shut gate.
Clear boundaries

If you're attuned to Reiki, or work with energy in other ways, you will likely have heard of Energetic Protection. But did you know that protecting your energy (or qi) is an important aspect of self-care? If we neglect this area in our lives, we can end up unbalanced, overwhelmed and allowing others to have too much power over us.

Isn't "Energetic Protection" woo-woo?

Absolutely not! "Energetic Protection" is a term which is used a lot by folks who are more spiritually inclined, in the Western Tradition. But what energetic protection actually does, is takes care of our boundaries - on all levels. So you may have been practising Energetic Protection without even knowing it!

Why do I need Energetic Protection? Do I have something or someone to be afraid of?

No - definitely not! This is where some misunderstandings come in. We're not talking about spirits trying to gain power over you, or mysterious forces of any kind.

This is, simply put, about keeping your own autonomy, and staying in charge of your own decisions and life. When you practise Energetic Protection, you're making sure you stay in the driving seat of your own life, and business. It's looking out for yourself and your own interests, and being willing to put others in their place.

My former Reiki Master put it beautifully - "You wouldn't leave the door to your house open, would you?" Energetic Protection is simply about closing the door to time-wasters, energy vampires and people who want to get something from you, without simply asking. You don't need to build a wall around your house, or be scared of others. Simply shutting the door (energetically speaking) speaks louder than words.

But I'm working at being open and loving - surely energetic protection would create blocks and stop me helping others?

A pedestrian stop sign in a city
Clear signals are important

Absolutely not! In fact, if you're working on yourself spiritually, and being open, loving and kind to others (in which case, great job! Yay!) this means you need to stand in your own power, and have strong, firm boundaries, so that you're not spending the whole time dealing with time-wasters who assume you'll be an easy touch.

There are some folks out there, who are "coasters" - they like to try their luck at getting whatever they can from others/life, without putting in any effort. They may have learned this approach at work (especially if they're in certain industries), or it might be down to upbringing and not having boundaries set effectively/consistently as children. Whatever the root cause is or the story behind it, isn't important. Setting your energetic protection, and making your boundaries clear, in a firm way, without getting drawn into explaining yourself or proving anything, is really important. Don't be afraid of people taking offence, either. Clear boundaries expressed assertively (rather than aggressively, or apologetically) will not genuinely offend anyone. When someone acts aggrieved and offended with your boundary-setting, that's their issue. Boundaries are not unreasonable.

How can I protect my energy?

A woman meditating.
Visualise a bubble of protection

There are many techniques you can use for energetic protection, from carrying crystals, through smudging to the simplest of all - making use of visualisation. It can be as simple as imagining a bubble of protection around you, which keeps others' energies and unhelpful wishes/intentions for you, at bay. When you do this, whether or not you're an energy worker, you're setting your attitude and outlook to a strong, centred, confident way of being, and this will show to others - consciously or unconsciously.

The most important thing, with "energetic protection" is stepping into your own power, and being assertive. Don't shy away from saying "no" - it's not unkind to turn someone down or refuse something you don't want to give. In fact, when you communicate your boundaries honestly, you're showing others what's OK and what's not. And for people who want to have a functional, healthy interaction or relationship with you, this is a gift. It avoids messiness, and having to establish boundaries after they've already been crossed, and means that there's little chance for misunderstanding and awkwardness.

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